John Pound's MEANIE BABIES cards

"Not So Cute. Not So Cuddly. But Oh So Gross!"

The anti-Beanie Babies! The Meanie Babies trading cards series consists of 61 cards featuring all new characters, created and painted by Garbage Pail Kids' artist John Pound. Card backs feature poems and text by Jay Lynch. The cards were published in 1998 by Dark Horse Comics and Comic Images, and were available in comics and trading card shops, and other stores. The first printing has sold out! However, the Beanie Babies' lawyers have politely asked Dark Horse not to reprint the cards, so now you may have to look on E-bay or in trading card stores to find them.

John Pound's Art Process shows the evolution of a Meanie Baby card.


MEANIE BABIES cards checklist

  1. (Promo card) Litters the Cat
  2. (Promo card) Upchuck the Duck
  3. (Promo card) Sphinxter the Baby Sphinx
  4. Hairball the Cat
  5. Snotty the Baby Bull
  6. Upchuck the Duck
  7. Sphinxter the Baby Sphinx
  8. No-Brainer the Camel
  9. Pickles the Pickled Pig
  10. Litters the Cat
  11. Baby Cue the Unicorn
  12. Scummy the Baby Pond Scum
  13. Warty the Frog
  14. Val the Crow
  15. Frogenstein the Frog
  16. Moldie the Dead Goldfsh
  17. Roadhog the Pig
  18. Flush the Alligator
  19. E.Coli the Baby Bacteria
  20. Eddie the Yeti
  21. Bad Hare the Rabbit
  22. Salmonella the Salmon
  23. Piercy the Rhino
  24. Fartface the Bear
  25. Spritzer the Cobra
  26. Hippy the Hippopotamus
  27. Roto Rooster the Domestic Fowl
  28. Picky-Picky the Elephant
  29. Zippity the Bunny
  30. Flat the Squished Cat
  31. Bum-Bee the Bee
  32. Downsize the Dog
  33. Holey Cow the Heavenly Cow
  1. Sucker the Mosquito
  2. Spot-Less the Dalmatian
  3. Clearcut the Beaver
  4. Big Mouth the Mouse
  5. Downchuck the Duck
  6. Vile-Rus the Computer Virus
  7. Rat-Race the Rat
  8. Swampy the Sewer Creature
  9. Piddles the Poodle
  10. Oxymoron the Ox
  11. De-Odor-Ant the Ant
  12. Hungry the Lion
  13. Bull-Oney the Bull
  14. Maggoty the Maggot
  15. Pound the Groundhog
  16. Smartass the Donkey
  17. Gonuts the Squirrel
  18. Exstinkt the Saber-Toothed Skunk
  19. Nosejob the Reindeer
  20. Beavis the Butt-Erfly
  21. Whinosaur the Dinosaur
  22. Game-Boar the Wild Boar
  23. Chester the Turtle
  24. Webster the Spider
  25. Armpit the Amorphous Creature
  26. Housefly the Fly
  27. Hot Lipps the Dragon
  28. Hoooters the Owl
  29. Grrrilla the Gorilla
  30. Ticked Off the Deer
  31. Checklist card
    Bonus Card from GUFF comic book #1: Cy-Clone the Sheep

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