October 2022

A day calendar book full of GPK paintings by Topps artists, including myself.
Garbage Pail Kids: Bizarre Holidays 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar
By Topps and Abrams.

September 2022

I contributed some words, art, and photos to Mathew Klickstein's book, See You at San Diego: An Oral History of Comic-Con, Fandom, and the Triumph of Geek Culture.
Published by Fantagraphics.


April 2021

Cass Sapir's YouTube Interview with John Pound, on Garbage Pail Kids and code art.
30 minutes.


June 2020

The Comics Journal #306, from Fantagraphics, will have an interview and a gallery of underground cartoonist John Pound's code-generated comics.

(TCJ #306 Release date: 10/20/2020)


July 2019

Signing Garbage Pail Kids books at Abrams Comic Arts booth at SDCC 2019. Charlie Kochman, myself, Karen, and Topps’ Ira Friedman. Within minutes of meeting Chris Ware, Chip Kidd, and great GPK fans, at San Diego Comic Con!



February 2017

A John Pound interview, by Jason Burns for Open The Trunk, on Garbage Pail Kids and my code art work.


August 2016

WHITE BRICKS, is a zine featuring my randomly generated code art designs, with variations on a theme of stacked bricks and boxes. 24 pages, black-and-white interior. Nicely designed and printed. Published by Draw Down.

July 2016

Now available! The DVD video documentary and history, "30 Years of Garbage" from Peel Here Productions. It's over 2 hours long. Plus it has 7 hours of bonus interviews (video or sound) with Garbage Pail Kids creators.

March 2016

Jake Rossen interviewed original creators of Topps' "Garbage Pail Kids", and wove it all together into an oral history. There's also some info on the GPK film.


January 2015

My wife Karen and I were interviewed over the weekend by the film crew for "30 Years of Garbage", a documentary on Garbage Pail Kids, to be released in 2015 [update: summer of 2016]. It was fun meeting Jeff, Sean, Scott, Joe and June!



October 2014

My wife and I were guests at the 3rd Annual San Diego Comic Fest. (Oct. 17-19, 2014)

I spoke with GPK fans, and appeared on the Weird Tales of the Ramones reunion panel, with other contributors and art director Hugh Brown (with a slideshow of art from Rhino's 2005 Box Set).

I also showed a prototype copy of my code art book project.

August 2014

Kyle VanHemert interviewed me for about my code art sketchbooks and my code-cartooning blog.

April 2014

Bud Plant's Art Books has found in their warehouse prints of "Dawn of Creation", one of my earliest paintings (from 1976). Lots of visionary detail.

They sell it for $35.00. [update: closeout price: $15.00]

February 2014

Topps now offers 2 boxes of 2014 GPK Valentine's Day cards.

Each has 10 cards (5 Garbage Pail Kids paintings x 2 copies). Box "A" features 5 John Pound GPK paintings, and Box B features 5 paintings by other Topps artists.


October 2013

Abrams has published a 2014 calendar of Garbage Pail Kids paintings.

Topps released a Chrome version of all the First Series Garbage Pail Kids paintings.

A bonus subset features the original Series 1 GPK pencil artworks on Chrome card stock. John Pound autograph cards may also be found in this release.

June 2013

A brief interview on Garbage Pail Kids in Beckett Sports Card Monthly, June 2013 issue.

May 2013

My GPK version of Bazooka Joe is in Bazooka Joe and His Gang, a new Abrams Comic Arts book on the famous Topps bubblegum comics.

February 2013

Here's a quick little "ten questions" interview I did back in October 2011.


November 2012


See my codecartooning Tumblr BLOG for more experimental cartooning.

I have two randomly-generated prints in the 100 Houses art show. Each of them has 100 houses.

The 100 Houses show benefits the housing and homelessness charity Shelter, and opens Nov. 16th to Nov. 30th, at the Tobacco Factory, in Bristol, UK.

I did a short interview (Who, What, Where, When, Why?) for Doyle's RAW MEAT blog

October 2012

Masa Kowada interviewed me for two Japanese websites: Street Culture Magazine ( and Figupedia Toy and Card Culture Magazine ( And he translated it into Japanese.

Artist Alex Pardee wrote a profile of my work, and I did a little fill-in-the-blanks Halloween interview, for this page on the Juxtapoz website.

March 2012

Be-Street, a French urban art and culture magazine, has a 10-page John Pound interview in both French and English, in issue #16. Artworks include Garbage Pail Kids-style paintings, Woo-Woo art, and randomly-generated code art.

It is available here.

The Garbage Pail Kids book is now in stores.

Brief review / interview on


September 2011

Topps and Abrams will publish a book of Garbage Pail Kids paintings, featuring art from GPK Original Series 1 through 5. Estimated date of publication is Spring 2012. It will be similar to the two Wacky Packages books Abrams published. The introduction will be by Art Spiegelman, and I am writing an afterword text piece.

Amazon listing here.


December 2010

Two new Woo-Woo series limited edition prints are in StolenSpace gallery in London for a Penguin Books theme art show. Over a hundred works, by many artists. My two prints are available only from the gallery. Edition of 10.

'Never Judge...?'
A Group Exhibition In Association with Penguin Books

Dec. 3, 2010 - Dec. 19, 2010

gallery page, piece 57: "Eyesnakes Rush"

gallery page, piece 58: "Room for Doubt"

November 2010

I did a very short interview about drawing and materials here on David Paccia's blog. (It's #188, November 2010.)

Monte Beauchamp's BLAB WORLD #1 has my Woo-Woo Series 2-page panorama painting called "All Things" Must Fall" on pages 80-81. Published by Last Gasp. (This would have been BLAB! issue #19.)

April 2010

BLAB! A Retrospective runs March 24 - May 1, 2010 at the Society of Illustrators, in New York City. Show includes my STONE MAZE painting from BLAB! 17.



September 2009

Brian Moran interviewed me about GPKs, chance and random digital comics, and wrote it up for Dossier.

July 2009

A new WOO-WOO painting for BLAB! 19 will be in The BLAB! SHOW, (August 8 - 29, 2009) at the Copro-Nason Gallery, in the Los Angeles area.

April 2009 has a John Pound interview, to go with the 4 new T-shirts they commissioned. (One shirt is a limited edition.) The new designs are GPK-style versions of classic Stussy photos.

[GPK-style] Cover art commission for "One Foot In The Rave" album, by Shitmat (Henry Collins). Planet Mu records, UK. Release date: May 19, 2009.


October 2008

100 artists painted OSAKA POPSTAR's Devil Dog doll. I did one of the figures. Opening Oct. 31, 2008, 7pm to 11pm, The Showroom gallery, NYC. 117 2nd Ave, at 7th. 2nd floor. More info from Osaka Popstar.

July 2008

A t-shirt for OSAKA POPSTAR's new "Rock'Em O-Sock-Em Live" CD is available from Osaka Popstar. The shirt artwork has a customized alternate version of the GPK drummer kid, in a torn "Devil Dog" t-shirt and Converse sneakers.

June 2008

A GPK-style parody painting by John Pound is available (in July) on a promo card published by Craze One Clothing.

May 2008

"Rubble Runts" t-shirt for Stussy's Customade Our Gangs #2 Series: It's a 4-color design (in black, white and two grays). Stussy offers it printed on black or white shirts. Limited Edition.

April 2008

Osaka Popstar's new CD has a John Pound GPK painting on the cover. (CD due in stores May 20, 2008.)
The CD also includes a special Topps limited edition GPK card insert.
The cover art was extended by the artist, with wider sides, for CD and promo use.


November 2007

A John Pound Interview is on Barren Aaron's Garbage Pail Kids website.

August 2007

John Pound's "Red Menace" vinyl doll is in Jamungo's "Blow-Up Dolls" Series 2.


September 2006

A couple new personal art pieces from the WOO-WOO series are in The BLAB! SHOW, (September 23 to October 21, 2006) at the Copro-Nason Gallery, in the Los Angeles area.

One of the pieces, "STONE MAZE", will be published in BLAB! 17, (November 2006). The other piece, "BRICK ROOMS", is scheduled for BLAB! 18 (November 2007).

A painting of the Ramones, used as an inside cover for Rhino's boxed set book, will be in American Illustration 25 (November 2006).

And work continues on painting new Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages for Topps.


February 2005

RAN DUM 1, a catalog of John Pound's experimental random computer-generated comics and cartoon art prints is now available. Full-color, 28 pages, 8.5"x11", 200 copies. Brief text by the artist. Price is $12.00 plus 3.00 postage within the US.
[update: available at for $15.00 plus shipping]



November 2004

"Self-Portrait", a randomly generated digital artwork is on the American Illustration #23 website.

April 2004

Several randomly generated digital comics artworks by John Pound were on display April 1 to 24, 2004, in an all-digital art show, "Of a Digital Palette" at the Ink People Gallery, 411 Twelfth St., Eureka, California. (Hours: Tues.-Sat., 11 to 4.)

March 2004

Topps published GARBAGE PAIL KIDS All-New Series #2.


November 2003

Roger Gastman's MORNING WOOD art book includes some of John Pound's recent experimental art. The book has 50 artists with 4 pages art and bio for each -- Lots of graffiti and skateboard type art.
More info on

October 2003

Humboldt State University's First Street Gallery (422 1st St., Eureka, California) had a one-man show of artwork by John Pound, from Saturday, Oct. 4 (opening reception with artist, 6 - 9 PM) through Sun. Nov. 9. The gallery had a one-man show of Jeff Jordan's artwork at the same time.

August 2003

Topps published a new series of GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. It includes new art and some previously unpublished art from Series 16. Artists include John Pound, Tom Bunk, Jay Lynch.

May 2003

Another page of John Pound's random computer- generated comics won an award in the Redwood Art Association Spring competition (at the Morris Graves Museum, Eureka, CA, April - May 2003). Judge: Kenneth Baker, art critic for S.F. Chronicle.


New skateboard designs for SHORTY'S

May 2002

A recent page of John Pound's random computer- generated comics won a top award in the Redwood Art Association Spring competition (at the Morris Graves Museum, Eureka, CA, May 2002).


Silly CDs™ trading cards!

(Published in 2003 -- Silly CDs Series 2)

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING #14 cover art --
GPK-style painting features Jay and Silent Bob, from their recent movie

July 2001

Interview with John Pound at:
(2005: site no longer up)

June 2001

Another recent interview with John Pound at:
(2003: site no longer up)

June 2001

13 of Burger King's "FAIRY TALE FREAKS" cards were painted from pencil sketches by John Pound. They were visible on Burger King's website during June 2001, as a SHREK movie tie-in.

April 2001

PC MAGAZINE Vol. 20, #8 (April 24, 2001) had a large Pound illustration -- a  coke bottle on a glowing red background -- for a feature on "Branding"


October 2000

"WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"--A show of John Pound's paintings, drawings and illustrations was held at College of the Redwoods' Creative Arts Gallery, from October 2 to November 9, 2000.

May 2000

SHOUT (a New York entertainment magazine) had an interview with John Pound in their May 2000 issue (

March 2000

A John Pound spot illustration was in BUSINESS WEEK (3/20/2000), page 128.

January 2000

A John Pound interview appeared in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING #8 (Jan/Feb 2000), a grafitti/ pop culture magazine.

A logo by John Pound was accepted into the ALL NEW AMERICAN LOGO competition. The book is now available, from Madison Square Press, and contains over 700 logo designs by various artists.

"THE MARTYDOM OF ST. VALENTINE", a recent painting by John Pound, is in SPECTRUM 7, a collection of recent fantasy art by various artists.


Shorty's Skateboards:
The "Nasty Wrastlin Bastards" skateboard decks
series painted by John Pound (series was sold out by the end of summer 2000)


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